Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides, a-how-to-guide

IMG_0296How to Communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides

Angel messages are amazing, we all have the ability to communicate with our Guardian Angels, our Archangels, and Spirit Guides, let’s not forget our Ascended Masters, our Fairies and the rest of Spirit and Angelic Realm.

I was struck by an Angel Message that came through this morning for me to post on my Facebook page, it felt much stronger than the other messages that have come through in the past. Everyday I get a message, and everyday I post it to my Facebook page,, every once in a while a message will come through that I get a feeling I need to explain or expand on. Today’s message was definitely one of them. The initial message was this, “Be in the moment with your prayer, and accept whatever thoughts or feelings accompany each moment.” I felt how beautiful this message was.
For those of you who are truly interested in learning how to communicate better with your spirit guides and angels know that what the angel says about “accepting whatever thoughts or feelings that accompany each moment” is very true and realistic advice. So for anyone wanting to learn how to communicate with your a Angelic and Spirit a Guides, or if you just want to refine your abilities then this post is for you!
When you ask your Spirit Guides or your Angels a question, they will respond to you, the first thing that you will probably hear is a “yes” or “no” or a brief statement, it may actually sound like your own voice in your head, you will know it’s angelic advice because it will sound like firm and loving advice, it will come to you in a positive way or “light” and it will usually be accompanied by how your “body is listening”.
When you hear the answer in your head and it is a “no” answer and you suddenly feel an upset feeling in your stomach, chances are good that this is your Angel or Guide giving you sound advice. You may ask a question, for instance “is the relationship I’m in going to last forever?” Let’s say for the sake of argument that your Angels or Guides are letting you know that this is a soulmate and that yes you will be in a relationship with this person forever and you hear in your head and your own voice say “yes, Absolutely!” And suddenly you feel giggly or your heart or stomach feels like it’s fluttering (in a good way) your message from your angelic helpers just came through to you loud and clear.

But it is what we as human beings do with these amazing messages that can make things downright messy!
We have this thing called an “Ego” it’s a very small word for something that we give a whole lot of power to. Our ego will immediately jump in to our private conversation that we are having with our Angelic Guides in hopes of confusing our message, for leading us to believe that our guides didn’t give us the correct information or that we can’t trust what they say to us. I will explain more about this self serving thing called “The Ego” on another day, but for now just know that it is our ego’s job to try to screw things up for us.
So-When we ask our angelic team to assist us, and they do, and they will absolutely if you ask them to! Especially when we are receiving incredible (could even be life-changing advice from our Spirit Realm) messages, the ego will immediately do it’s job and as soon as you hear your message from your Angels or Guides, the ego will immediately begin what I like to call the “Yes is no, and no is yes unless yes is yes than no isn’t no” game. It will start to kick your self-esteem right in the rump making you feel confused and wondering “Is the answer yes? Or wait,,,was it a no? But am I trying to talk myself out of feeling joy? so then it really is a “Yes”. You get the idea…

What is important is that you begin to learn how to communicate with your own team, your own personal private angelic team of teachers, guidance counselors, body guards, cooks, spiritual gurus and best of all your own personally assigned just to you for the rest of your life Spirit Guide, and a Guardian Angel. Most folks have several of each. But for today’s class will say its one of each. Start meditating if you haven’t already, and learn how to be mindful, learn how to quiet your mind. When you are able to quiet your mind you’re actually able to call on your spirit guides and angels, simply asking them to step forward and introduce themselves to you. Do one at a time, and what is important here, isn’t the name they give you, or the name you assign them (they don’t really care what you call them just that you do) what is really necessary is to be aware of their energy. Each one has their own “energy stamp”, so you want to try to get to know the energy when one of them steps forward, take some time to just sit and feel their energy. Your Spirit Guide might feel strong, yet have a quiet presence or just may be quiet and not speak, he or she might be very bubbly and their vibration feels very high like a bee is buzzing really loud in your ear. Be patient with this exercise, but it’s truly worth all of the time and energy you give it. By getting to know your guides by their energy, you don’t have to wonder which guide is with you at any given moment, you will know by the feeling you get when their energy is near you. Soon you will get into the habit of speaking with them, asking questions to help you and your day run a little more smoothly. You will also begin to be able to decipher which is your egos energy, it usually is the energy that tries to make you feel anxious, nervous, negative and even fearful. The ego wants us to live in a state of fear, because we will self moderate and likely stay in a tiny little box for fear of getting hurt. Makes the egos job a little easier. But this is where my Angels speak up and ask me to write the following…
“Our goal as spiritual-beings trying to live in a human-beings world is not to learn how to just be alive but to learn how to live our life with joy and curious abandonment.”

We were put on this earth to learn, to love, to have compassion, we chose it, as many would like to believe, “we didn’t choose it, it chose us…” While that may be true for some things, regarding our own lives it’s incorrect, we chose our lives, and most of the people in it, we chose the lessons, we have free will remember, and we chose to be the teacher for others as well. Our guides were right by our sides when we were slating our “To Do List” for our next incarnation on earth, we as a group chose to support one another, (You, your guides, your angels, your parents, your children, your soul mates outside of your family soul-circle, like your spouse, best friends, coworkers, bosses), to learn as the student, to teach as a teacher, and sometimes just to be a witness to things that we needed to know or understand for our spirit to evolve and learn and move up the ladder that many call “Ascension”. For me I view it as the lessons I need to learn so that I can stop coming back to this planet, I would love a little vacation somewhere near the stars where their rays are bright enough to get a good tan.


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